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Pure Pulse Eco Shower - brusehoved

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Vandbesparende brusehoved, som pulserer vandet, så du ikke lægge mærke til, at det bruger mindre vand. Spar op til 40-60% vand. 4 indstillinger.

Vandbesparende brusehoved, som pulserer vandet, så du ikke lægge mærke til, at det bruger mindre vand. Spar op til 40-60% vand. 4 indstillinger.

Læs hvad det britiske forbrugerblad, Which?, sagde om vores brusehoved:

Water-saving shower heads

Pure Pulse Eco shower head

The Pure Pulse Eco shower head claims to have smart technology to enable you to enjoy a comfortable shower yet still save on your water consumption. But is it any good, and is there any truth in the water-saving claims? We gave the Pure Pulse Eco to a Which? researcher to try out, and bring you our first impressions.


Now that I have been moved onto a water meter, I was keen to try out a device that could save me from wasting water - and save me money on my water bills. The average person's shower represents half of their daily water use, so an eco shower head could make a big difference.


What is it?


The Pure Pulse Eco works by creating a pulse 30-40 times a second, and releasing the water at high pressure. Depending on your type of shower, it claims it could reduce your water consumption by up to 60%. 


It is supposed to be suitable for most shower systems, including electric showers. The shower head comes in two colours – chrome and white – to suit most bathroom décors.


When I tried out the £29 Pure Pulse Eco shower head, I found the water flow felt adequately powerful. There are four different spray settings to suit all preferences, from soft drops and rainfall to a more powerful sports jet and a massaging flow. 


Is it easy to install?


The Pure Pulse Eco was very simple to install – simply unscrew your existing shower head and screw this new one into place. It fitted nicely onto my standard-size shower hose, without any leaking occurring during use. It also fitted easily into the existing shower head holder. 


Does the Pure Pulse Eco save water?


The Pure Pulse Eco claims to be different to some other eco shower heads, as there is no air added to the water flow. This shower head uses its pulsing technology to give the effect of a full regular shower head, but the small gaps between droplets mean that your water consumption is reduced.


Whereas traditional showers tend to use 12–16 litres of water per minute, we found that the Pure Pulse Eco only used 5 litres per minute on average. This is a water saving of 58% compared to a regular shower using 12 litres per minute - in my shower, it saved more water than the rival Ecocamel Jetstorm. 


A typical five minute shower with a regular shower head costs around 12p. With the Pure Pulse Eco this cost would be reduced to 5p per five minute shower with my water system. This saving means that the Pure Pulse Eco would pay for itself within 7 months or so, if the shower was used twice daily for five minutes each time.


Is there anything I should watch out for?


Most modern electric showers already have an eco low flow rate, so any water savings with a Pure Pulse Eco might be less noticeable. Also, it may not be the best option if you have a low pressure water system, as it appears to work best in higher pressure systems. 


The Pure Pulse Eco shower head is slightly noisier than a regular shower head - which is often the case with eco shower heads. But you would probably get used to this after a few uses. 


The spray on the rainfall setting is relatively wide, which may not be suitable for some baths with small shower screens.


Is there anything else I should know?


The Pure Pulse Eco claims to resist bacteria deposits, and offers a lifetime guarantee against limescale. Although this shower head is designed to minimise limescale, if you live in a hard water area you may find a small amount of build-up over time. 


There is also a two-year manufacturer warranty, so you can rest assured that you are covered if it does stop working within the first two years.


Which? First Look verdict


As eco shower heads go, the Pure Pulse Eco offers good value for money. Being able to select your spray setting and cutting your water usage by two thirds means that this shower head should pay for itself relatively quickly - while you can still enjoy your showers. It may not be a power shower, but for those keen to reduce their water bills, the Pure Pulse Eco can definitely help.


The Pure Pulse Eco is available to buy directly from the Pulse Eco Shower website. 

Pros: Saves a considerable amount of water, variety of spray settings, easy to install, two year manufacturer warranty


Cons: Slightly noisier than a regular shower, may not work on low pressure water systems.

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